The 7 best Airbnb houses for children

In the month of the children , the Airbnb real estate rental website selected the best homes among the 4 million ads on the platform for families worldwide. On the list there is a castle, a tree house and even a house for mermaid fans . Check it out – and choose your favorite! – Next.

In odd shape, this house is in the town of Cottonwood, Idaho. As it could not be, the rooms are themed, with many wooden puppets scattered throughout the decor.

House of Barbie
pink color inside and outside the house, is the dream of children who love the iconic doll. The property is located in the county of Essex, England, and is all decorated with lots of flowers, hearts, neon and brightness, as you would expect.

Italian Castle
The scenario will elevate the other category to the epic battles that live in the children’s imagination. The play of king and queen will never be the same after the lodging in this real medieval castle that is in the city of Tuscania, near Rome (Italy).

Princesses and Jedis
That Disney is the destination of the dreams of the vast majority of children, we are all already tired of knowing. Now imagine lodging in the city with rooms that plunge into the universe of Star Wars fans like these. Next to the Disney park in California, Anahein, in addition to themed decoration, it has a capacity for 15 people and also has a swimming pool and games room.  

The House of Mermaids
If you enjoy the transparent sea of ​​Isla Mujeres, on the Mexican coast, it already seems like a dream, so imagine making it hosted here. For Mermaid or Neptune no fault, the so-called Casa Caracol, faces the beach and has a curious architecture with seashells and marine artifacts everywhere, even in the shower.

The House of John and Mary
Inspired by the tale of the Grimm brothers, the house looks a bit gloomy, but it may attract fans of fairy tales. She is in the town of Geyserville, California, United States.

The Tree House
Who has never dreamed of having a tree house? This is in the city of China Grove, Texas (USA). There are more than a thousand houses of this type available on the platform for those who were interested.


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