We have gathered the main information that airlines and the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) require when boarding for domestic and international flights. Know the rules of luggage, seats and documentation required

If you are ready to fly with your child, be aware of some basic rules that airlines and the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) require. It is important to be aware that you and your family do not go down or even have no financial losses. See below for information for both domestic and international flights.


The babies 0-2 years of traveling in the lap of charge, but there is indeed the possibility of buying a place for small and put it in the transport chair (those used in cars). You can take your or order with the airlines, which usually make available, but quantity is limited.

For safety rules on all airlines, parents with children in the lap, children and adolescents should not occupy the emergency exit seats. They are not recognized as the most physically fit people to help with an evacuation, if necessary.


The rules of baggage in Brazilian airlines have changed recently and not all the available rates give the right to dispatch suitcases for children and adults. So stay tuned to see if that promotion you found meets the volume of items you need to upload. Paying for an extra bag at the time of check-in can cost more. See the basic rules of each of the main companies operating in Brazil – This information is for children 0 to 2 years old. 

GOL : It is included to dispatch 1 cart, 1 comfort baby or 1 transport chair. On national flights the child is not entitled to baggage. Individual items are deducted from the parents or the companion. Already on international flights, the child can board with a suitcase of up to 10kg.

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LATAM : You have no right to dispatch any luggage, except for the cart. 

AVIANCA : For destinations outside and inside Brazil can carry a luggage of up to 10kg. Children over 2 years old are allowed to dispatch up to 23kg on domestic and Latin American flights and two bags on international travel.

BLUE : Any cart model can be despatched without fee. But if you want to dispatch also a seat or baby comfort will be deducted from the amount of luggage that the parents / companion are entitled to. Children over two years old can carry 1 hand bag of up to 10kg and ship an item of up to 23kg for domestic and South American flights and two bags for international ones.

ATTENTION: For safety, it is important to follow the weight rules of baggage and inform the airline of the specifications of what you are actually carrying. “The aircraft has a center of gravity that varies according to the weight of the aircraft, measured by the number of passengers, luggage and fuel. Violation of these rules may affect flight safety. Like any machine, the plane has factory limits, “says Cmte. Igor Bueno, Director of RIO Linhas Aéreas.


The National Civil Aviation Agency requires the submission of original documents or certified copies (for flights within Brazil). See what are required for embarkation of children under 18:

National : When accompanied by parents on domestic flights and to Mercosur countries, such as Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia, the Identity Card (RG) must be presented with the issue date of a maximum of 10 years. If the child is traveling unaccompanied by the parents, it is essential that parents and guardians present documents proving parentage or parental authorization in two authenticated routes, informing the period of the trip.

International : A passport is required. In case of travel with only one of the parents or with relatives, a signed and notarized authorization is required in two parents’ notary’s office. Do not forget that the documents are valid for the period determined in the authorization.


When boarding the plane, pregnant women and children with colos have the right to board first.

CRESCER wishes you and your family a great and fun trip!


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