Here are some practical tips on how to ease the discomfort of children during the journey

Does your child feel a tight stomach, dizziness and headache every time he travels? Know that these symptoms happen because the balance mechanism that we have inside the inner ear is affected by sudden changes of movement (be it car, plane or ship) and send messages to the brain that something is wrong. Here’s how to ease the discomfort!

1. Let the children in the seat in which the movement is less perceived. In the car, it’s in the middle of the back seat, and on the plane are the front seats.

2. Help your child become distracted by watching the scenery. But direct him not to fix the vision on external objects. This worsens vertigo.

3. The cold softens the nausea. Avoid heavy clothing and leave the air conditioner on or the windows open.

4. Reading or tinkering with cell phones and tablets makes nausea worse for many children. So it’s worth playing another game, like singing.

Source: Nelson Douglas Ejzenbaum, pediatrician and member of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics.


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