Fortress Kochi

Cochin Palace

Fortress Kochi Fortress Kochi in Kerala a few centuries back filled in as a focal point of energy to a few and for others as a perfect place to hone and take after their...
The 7 best Airbnb houses for children

The 7 best Airbnb houses for children

In the month of the children , the Airbnb real estate rental website selected the best homes among the 4 million ads on the platform for families worldwide. On the list there is a castle, a tree house and...
Vacations Traveling with Children

Vacations: Traveling with Children

The offshore season is open. See 3 cruises that will be circulating in America and already schedule your family trip A tourist vessel is practically a resort that navigates on the waters. So what do you take advantage of now,...

How to avoid dizziness and travel sickness?

Here are some practical tips on how to ease the discomfort of children during the journey Does your child feel a tight stomach, dizziness and headache every time he travels? Know that these symptoms happen because...

Air travel: All you need to know to board your child

We have gathered the main information that airlines and the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) require when boarding for domestic and international flights. Know the rules of luggage, seats and documentation required If you are ready...

Trip to see Santa Claus

Kids love the magic of Christmas. So, look for a destination that will make the ride even more enchanting at this time of year. Check out 5 destinations: 1. Christmas light - Gramado (RS)  The city is one...

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