Railways: The Best Mode of Transport

There are many people who always talk about which is the best mode of transport. If you are one of them, then you should consider railways. Of course, there are different modes of transportation out there that can be availed for a comfortable trip but trains always rock.

Talking about India, here too people are using trains more than any other mode of transportation.  Even if these trains are crowded, one can easily know about railway seat availability through different services provided by Indian Railways. There are amazing advantages of using railways for traveling have a look below:


The railway transport is organized in a better way than any other mode of transport. It has fixed routes and proper schedules. The railway service is more certain, uniform and steady as compared to other modes of transport.


The most amazing advantage of the railway transport is that it is the most reliable mode of transportation. It is because it is the least affected by weather conditions like rains and so on whereas other modes of transportation do get affected by different weather conditions instantly.

Speed and long distance

The speed of trains over long distances is more than any other form of transport, except the airways. Thus, it is, undoubtedly, the finest choice for long distance traffic. Of course, everybody cannot afford planes but trains do fall in a reasonable budget.

Inexpensive mode of transport

It is apparently true that railways are a cheaper mode of transport if you compare it to other modes of transport. Maximum of the working expenses of railways are in the nature of fixed prices. Every rise in the railway traffic is followed by a reduction in the average cost. Similarly, no matter you want to go to a close place or a destination in another corner of the country; you would easily find a train heading there that too within your budget.

Safety is there

Railway is the safest mode of transport. The chances of any type of accidents and breakdowns of railways are extremely low as compared to other modes of transport. Similarly, the traffic can be guarded from the exposure to sun, snow, rains and so on.

The huge capacity

The carrying capacity of trains is extremely large. Moreover, it is also true that its capacity is flexible and that can easily be increased by adding more coaches. This way you can even add up or reduce the coaches as per the need.  Mostly, it is something that differs from train to train and its support and demand. But as of present, the maximum capacity is twenty four coaches for some of the trains though Indian Railways is making a plan to run some trains having twenty six coaches soon. So, now you see the capacity of carrying passengers is much higher in trains than any other mode of transport.

Thus, the bottom line is that these trains are absolutely phenomenal if you know them better.  Trains beat any other mode of transport in one way or the other.


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