Wayanad is a standout amongst the most famous slope stations in Kerala and has a considerable measure to offer for the guests as far as normal magnificence as slopes, valleys, lakes and substantially more. I am sharing my current travel involvement to Wayanad.

While coming back from our excursion in Ooty, we drove by means of Gudaloor and spent a couple of days in Wayanad. Alongside Munnar, Wayanad is considered as extraordinary compared to other slope station goals in Kerala. While going to Ooty, we drove from Kochi through Coimbatore and there was not a lot energizing in the movement other than the wonderful slopes anticipating us! In any case, the arrival travel was stunning. The drive from Ooty to Wayanad by means of Gudaloor can’t be depicted in words. You should drive that course to appreciate the genuine excellence of nature in south India.

In the wake of getting a charge out of a drive of around 4 hours through the fog and appreciating the excellence of nature to its best, we achieved Lakkidy, which is thought to be the portal of Wayanad. Lakkidi is a residential area along the national expressway and is found simply over the Wayanad Ghat Pass (Thamarassery ghat) and is the primary spot after you enter in to the limit of Wayanad.

Wayanad town – there is no other place this way!

One intriguing thing I learnt amid my visit to Wayanad was, there is no particular town called “Wayanad”. Rather, a substantial region of slopes, valleys, towns and towns together are called Wayanad, which is politically called as Wayanad area. While driving from Ooty to Wayanad, we were requesting headings to Wayanad and distinctive individuals demonstrated us diverse bearings since each one of those spots were a piece of Wayanad.

Amid our visit, we remained in The Wayanad Gate Hotel for a night and we truly making the most of our stay there. Read my survey of Pepper Wayanad Gate Hotel and perceive how we preferred the place. Additionally, look at the spending resorts in Wayanad, where you can encounter a smidgen of Wayanad inside the property itself.

Wayanad town

Vacation destinations in Wayanad

Pookot Lake

Pookot Lake is situated close Lakkidi and is a standout amongst the most well known goals in Wayanad. The Lake is exceptionally wonderful and spreads crosswise over around 15km of water body. I won’t state the water in the lake is perfect and unadulterated however the tranquil air around the lake is something that you would appreciate. There is a mobile trail around the lake, which is around 2 km long. When you reach about most of the way in the strolling trail, there is an excursion spot where you can sit, unwind and proceed with your walk. Exercises in Pookot lake incorporate drifting in the lake, Children’s Park, Fish Spa, Aquarium, Shopping of regular and home grown items and so on. Plan to spend around 3-4 hours in the lake zone.

Chain Tree

This is a speedy stop point in the thruway and pulls in a considerable measure of guests because of its nearness to the interstate. Unless you investigate the legend related with the tree, there is not a lot to appreciate here. The tree itself isn’t not the same as different trees here yet what makes it diverse is the colossal steel chain dangling from the tree and the legend related with it. Read more about the historical backdrop of Chain Tree. We remained in “The Wayanad Gate Hotel”, found only inverse to the Chain Tree.

Wayanad Churam

“Churam” is the Malayalam word for “Ghat”. The Thamarassery churam is known by numerous different names including Wayanad churam, Wayanad Ghat and so on. Regardless of what you call it, the astounding all encompassing perspective of the cloudy slopes at this ghat pass can’t be depicted in words. With nine barrette bends amongst Lakkidi and the downhills, the drive through the ghat pass is an astounding background without anyone else. Read more about Thamarassery ghat pass.

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